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[新闻] Ryujinx在线本地联网模拟器


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Introducing "Local Wireless" Multiplayer Support
Ryujinx celebrates another groundbreaking feature release by becoming the first Switch emulator to implement “local wireless” multiplayer support!

NOTE: If you want to play Animal Crossing with our provided save file, you MUST first change your town and player name to play multiplayer! Click here for a guide to help you do that.

One of the biggest selling points of the Switch is its illustrious selection of multiplayer games. Many of these games take advantage of a Switch feature called "local wireless"; this facilitates multiplayer network connections between two or more Switch consoles within wireless range. Depending on the particular game menu, it may just be called Multiplayer or Local Multiplayer. Until now, those looking to enjoy emulated multiplayer Switch games with their friends had just two options: either play games in-person with multiple controllers connected to one emulator a.k.a. couch co-op, or attempt to use a remote streaming internet application to fool the emulator into thinking another person—and their controller—were present locally. Real multiplayer is finally here and working over the internet in Ryujinx, available now!

Ryujinx developers Ac_K and riperiperi have been hard at work to bring you this new feature, and they've written an article to explain how it all works! Click here to check it out.

One of the more popular games we can see this being used for is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which will allow emulator users to visit each other's towns over the internet.

With this special release build, we are calling on all interested parties to use this feature and give us your feedback. We’ve tested as much as we can in-house; we need your help! Tell us what works; tell us what’s broken or how we can improve the user experience. Your reports will prove invaluable to our development team as we improve functionality and reliability before we incorporate this multiplayer support into our standard build.

In this build, you'll see a new tab in the settings called "Multiplayer". Set your username here (anything you like up to 16 characters), and remember that you can set and share passphrases to create private games. Click here for a quick guide who will help you to setup everything.

Yuzu-windows-msvc-early-access605 Screenshot 2020.09.17 -

You should make sure to use the latest working version of a game if you want to play using Local Wireless, to ensure you can connect to each other. For example, the latest known working version of Animal Crossing is v.1.4.2, so make sure you and your friends are using this version!

The best way to report your findings is through the Ryujinx Discord, as always. If you find any games that don't work as expected, or display some kind of error in the console, report it on the #support channel! This is a pre-release, so we expect that games we haven't tested could have issues.

We're tracking compatibility for multiplayer games on the game list on GitHub. Here are the three tags you should have a look out for:

ldn-works: Local Wireless works properly
ldn-partial: Local Wireless works, but the experience is degraded or unstable
ldn-broken: Local Wireless is present, but does not work in Ryujinx
We've already tested the following games to work:
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons
- Splatoon 2
- Super Bomberman R
- Puyo Puyo Tetris

Note that some games may not be playable on local wireless, even though it does work. For instance, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe can play full matches, though differences in FPS between players causes them to desync and eventually disconnect. Other games may disconnect if a player is compiling shaders for too long. These problems are solvable in the future, but it's important to note!

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Switch的最大卖点之一是出色的多人游戏选择,其中许多游戏都利用了称为“本地无线”的Switch功能;这有利于无线范围内两个或多个Switch控制台之间的多人网络连接。到现在为止,那些想与朋友一起玩模拟多人Switch游戏的人只有两个选择:要么亲自玩游戏,要么将多个控制器连接到一个模拟器,也就是长沙发。 -op,或尝试使用远程流式互联网应用程序欺骗仿真器,使他们以为本地存在另一个人及其控制器,真正的多人游戏终于在这里出现,并可以在Ryujinx的Internet上工作!


我们可以看到,最受欢迎的游戏之一是《集合啦!动物森友会》(Animal Crossing:New Horizo​​ns),它将使仿真器用户可以通过互联网访问彼此的城镇。




最好的方式是通过Ryujinx Discord来报告您的发现,如果您发现任何无法正常运行的游戏,或者在控制台中显示某种错误,请在#support频道上进行报告!预发行版,因此我们希望未经测试的游戏可能会出现问题。


-Puyo Puyo俄罗斯方块

请注意,即使某些游戏可以正常工作,也可能无法在本地无线网络上播放,例如,Mario Kart 8 Deluxe可以进行完整比赛,尽管玩家之间的FPS差异会导致它们不同步并最终断开连接。播放器编译着色器的时间过长,这些问题在将来可以解决,但是请务必注意!
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