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Fixes and new features
  • Added Favorites feature: mark games as favorite from the Game Info window, or right-click in the list.  Toggle favorites mode in the "Filters" section [dink]
  • Added right-click context menu (Play game, View in Progetto Emma, Game Info and Mark as Favorite) [Barry]
  • Added a gear-shifter display for Chequered Flag, Contental Circus, Super Chase, Chase HQ, SCI, Double Axle, Racing Beat, Top Speed, KonamiGT / RF2, OutRun / Turbo Outrun and Power Drift.  Can be enabled/disabled in Misc -> Options. [dink]
  • Hooked up newly dumped sound-MCU's in Fire Shark, Vimana and Teki Paki, giving these games sound!  Thank you CapsOff!! [dink]
  • Added bSkipStartupCheck - hidden .ini option for developers or those who never scan their romsets [dink]
  • Fixed odd-word/long reads and writes in the m68000 cpu interface which in turn fixes the nasty 68x020 bug that has been plaguing us for ages.  This fixes freeze-ups in Asura Buster and other 68ec020-based games. [iq_132/dink]
  • Fixed in Asura Buster / Blade: Sprite & tile glitches, music synchronization [dink]
  • Fixed several issues which caused FBAlpha to crash when loading romsets with missing roms [dink]
  • Fixed Tail 2 Nose missing backgrounds [dink]
  • Added TMS32010 cpu core for the Flying Shark/Twin Cobra/Wardner drivers [dink]
  • Fixed Demon World sprite and tile offsets, also hooked up TMS32010 cpu and removed the no-TMS32010 hack [iq_132 / dink]
  • Fixed Flicky on SG-1000 hw [dink]
  • Fixed default eeprom settings for Charlie Ninja [dink]
  • Fixed sound in regulusu [dink]
  • Fixed Head Panic default settings, game is now playable [dink]
  • Fixed broken graphics/corruption in Mille Miglia 2: Great 1000 Miles Rally [dink]
  • Increased the Icon limit [dink]
  • Fixed P2 Start in Asterix [dink]
  • Added 1-bit dac/key clicker, map joy to cursor keys, Swap tape side A/B and lots of games to the MSX driver [dink]
  • Improved savestate stability/reliability with the MSX driver [dink]
  • Improved the MSM5205 interface w/MSM5205NewFrame() and MSM5205UpdateScanline(), for games that need a 256 interleave. [dink]
  • Fixed diagonal movements in Toaplan/Taito's GetStar / Guardian [dink]
  • Fixed a crash-scenario w/DonPachi on ARM and 64-bit systems [dink]
  • Fixed sound in Speed Spin [iq_132]
  • Added encrypted DataEast cpus to the M6502 core [iq_132]
  • Fixed service mode, sprite offsets and corrupt tilemaps in G.I.Joe [dink]
  • Fixed audio issues, movement issues, slowdowns in Captain Silver [dink]
  • Mega-update to the ES5506 core: dynamic resampling, volume functions [iq_132], 5505-interface fix, clipping issues and savestate support [dink]
  • Add NEC-V60 CPU Core [iq_132 / Romhack]
  • Add UPD-7725 DSP Core [iq_132]
  • Fixed sound, video issues and crash issues in Welltris [dink]
  • Fixed sound and hooked up proper analogue inputs for Taito's Super Chase [dink]
  • Fixed DAC speech and reboot issues in Baraduke / Alien Sector [dink]
  • Fixed missing sounds in Pac-Land and Sky Kid [dink]
  • Fixed a bug in the M6502 core where it wouldn't save the subtype and instruction handler [dink]
  • Added rotation code for Caliber 50 and DownTown [dink]
  • Fixed video layer offsets in namcos86 driver, improving video for Rolling Thunder, Hopping Mappy and SkyKid DX [dink]
  • Fixed Taito/Toaplan's RallyBike titlescreen [dink]
  • Added M6502ReleaseSlice() the the M6502 cpu core interface [dink]
  • Add UPD-7810 CPU Core [iq_132]
  • Fixed Thunder Cross 2 Japan and Asian versions [dink]
  • Fixed dim palette in Lightning Fighters [dink]
  • Enhanced the glass effect in Surprise Attack [dink]
  • Fixed grapics issues in Konami's Xexex: Sprite masking effect in intro, flashes between scene changes, offset issue in the highscore table, missing effect in Japanese version continue screen [dink]
  • Added new tilemap system with all the bells & whistles [iq_132]
  • Fixed dips in Dam Busters [dink]
  • Fixed gameover animation in Vapor Trail [rb6502]
  • Fixed titlescreen raster effect in R-Type Leo [dink]
  • Fixed sprite glitching in Shogun Warriors [dink]
  • Fixed strangely flipped tiles in Cosmic Cop [dink]
  • Ported latest i8051 core with DS5002FP support [dink]
  • Added support for 6821 PIA devices [dink]
  • Added apan callback support to the K054539 soundchip [dink]
  • Fixed service mode in Xexex. Bucky O`Hare and Moo Mesa [dink]
  • Fixed tile priority issue in Shackled [dink]
  • Re-wrote driver for Shadow Force and added raster effects [iq_132]
  • Re-wrote driver for Exed Exes [iq_132]
  • Fixed screen priority & graphics issues in Chase HQ, SCI and Night Striker [dink]
  • Fixed DIPs for Mars by Artic [dink]
  • Added proper MCU emulation on Heavy Barrel with the new i8051 core [dink]
  • Fixed Speed Coin - freezes up when the coin breaks if audio set to 48khz [dink]
  • timer.cpp: added ability to attach a timer to a NULL cpu for for instances where the main cpu cycles possibly vary [dink]
  • Added BDF_GAME_NOT_WORKING flag to burn.h [dink]
  • Fixed 8-way movements in Jump Shot [dink]
  • System 16 Updates [Barry]
    • Added support for the Sega 315 5195 Memory Mapper chip
      • Hooked up in Sega System 16B driver
      • Hooked up in Sega OutRun driver
      • Hooked up in Sega System 18 driver
      • Added Moonwalker and clones to the Sega System 18 driver now they can be supported
    • Properly emulate the shadow/hilight palettes in Sega System 16 and associated drivers
    • Emulate priority buffer for Y-Board driver when mixing in System 16B sprites
    • Added Lock On (Philko) to the Sega System 16B driver
    • Fixed tile banking in some Altered Beast sets
    • Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Altered Beast
    • Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Golden Axe
    • Emulated the I8751 MCU in the parent set of Body Slam
    • Emulated the I8751 MCU in the clone Quartet 2 (8751 317-0010)
    • Added 5 bootlegs of SDI to the Sega System 16B driver
    • Fixed game ini saving for SDI & clones
    • Implemented full controls in Ace Attacker in the Sega System 16B driver
    • Fix outrundxj
    • Hooked up PPI8255 reads in Major League
    • Fix life counter in Space Harrier
    • Added support for screen flipping in Sega System 16A/16B drivers - fixes some levels of SDI which rely on it
  • Added a module for Resister Networks (Palette Generation) [Barry]
  • Update lzma sdk to 16.04 [Barry]
  • Update libpng to 1.6.28 [Barry]
  • Update zlib to 1.2.11 [Barry]
  • Synchronize romsets with the latest MAME [Barry]
  • Fixed sprite priority issues in Task Force Harrier [dink]
  • Fixed alignment issues in Swat Police and Head Panic, x-scroll issues, and added missing flashing sprite effect on ESD16 Hardware [dink]
  • Synthesized a proper color palette for Time Limit [dink]
  • Improvements/Fixes for Super Kaneko Nova System:  [dink]
    • New cpu-based speedhack for most games - dip option
    • Fixed Music and SFX in Gals Panic S
    • Fixed attract-mode music cut short in VS Block Breaker/Saru Kani
    • Fixed garbage on screen when the game starts in VS Block Breaker/Saru Kani
  • Updated KonamiBlendCopy() to be faster/more efficient [iq_132]
  • Fixed a crash in Donkey Kong 3 Japanese version [dink]
  • Fixed Z80's ZetRunEnd(); *revisited*. This fixes slowdown issues with Strikers 1945 Plus [dink]
  • Added newer-style VezMapMemory() function to the NEC V20-35 cpu interfaces. [dink]
  • Fixed a masking issue in NEC V20-35's read port interface [dink]
  • Fixed a blitter issue in Kangaroo, fixed savestates: video banking and lost music [dink]
  • Fixed nasty crackling/popping noises in Darius 2 [dink]
  • Hooked up shot and explosion samples to Seibu Stinger and Scion[c] [dink]
  • Fixed sprite flickering and freeze-ups in Xain'd Sleena [dink]
  • Front-End fix: when starting a game from the commandline, only init the blitter once. also don't get stuck in fullscreen when loading fails due to a bad romset [dink]
  • Fix some structure alignment issues so drivers can benefit from vectorization/SIMD optimizations present in latest gcc w/ -O3 and other recent compilers [dink, barbudreadmon]
  • Fix dipswitch issues in several games thanks to info from the libretro/fba guys [barbudreadmon, dink]
  • Fixed Dac and scrolling issues in Konami's Finalizer [dink]
  • Fixed a crash issue in Super-X (NTC) when up + down was pressed [dink]
  • Default Full Screen depth to 32bpp [dink]
  • Fixed DAC DC Offset on some System16 games: Shinobi, Quartet 1 and 2, eliminating pops and clicks [dink]
  • Added proper inputs for Wall Crash [dink]
  • Add default gun calibrations and fix sprite:tile priority issues in Operation Wolf 3 [dink]
  • Reduce the time duration "state loaded/saved" is displayed on the screen [dink]
  • Fixed mosaic tile effect on scene transitions in FixEight [dink]
  • Fixed sound synchronization issues in Batrider [dink]
  • Improvements and Fixes to the Input (re)Recording/Playback feature: [dink]
    • Add Record from Power On option to replay/input recording
    • Shift+Backspace to disable/enable the frame counter while recording or playing back recordings
    • Fix a nasty bug that caused desynchs in some recordings
  • Add original author(s) credit to each driver and core [iq_132]
  • Add trackball support to Capcom Bowling and Krazy Bowl [dink]
  • Fix crash with Force 16bit Emulation and Megadrive [dink]
  • Fix Gun & Frontier sprite lag issue [dink]
  • Fix Zero Point 1 and 2 Sprite priorities and sound effects in Zero Point 2 [dink]
  • Slight speedup with the search function [tumu]
  • Fix Demon World savestates [dink]
  • Fix timing issue in D-Con [dink]
  • Fix sprite alignment in oisipuzl [dink]
  • Fix savestate compatibility between 32bit/64bit systems [barbudreadmon & libretro guys, dink]
  • Fix Ghost 'n Goblins savestate banking issue, improve timing [dink]
  • Fix timing issue in Toki that occasionally caused tiles in the map-screen to jitter [dink]
  • Fix Hit the Ice inputs and graphics issues [dink]
  • Fix timing issues in 4 En Raya [dink]
  • Fix missing button #3 and video issues in Strategy X [dink]
  • Hook up trackball and fix palette issues - U.S. Classic now playable [dink]
  • Fix music and banking issues in Funny Bubble [dink]
  • Fix soundfx and timing in Tripool [dink]
  • Fixed soundcpu communications in Gauntlet, hooked up the Pokey sound generator and savestates [dink]
  • Improved M6502 core by properly handling indexed read/writes, fixed pulsing the nmi line with CPU_IRQSTATUS_AUTO [dink]
New drivers
  • Konami's The Main Event and Cosmo Police Galivan / Ninja Emaki / UFO Robo Dangar were accidentally left out of the last release, sorry!
  • Added driver for Twin Cobra, Flying Shark / Sky Shark / Gulf War II [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Wardner [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Taito System-L (Fighting Hawk, Raimais, Champion Wrestler, Puzznic, Kuri Kinton, Evil Stone, etc) [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Dacholer / KickBoy and Itazura Tenshi [iq_132]
  • Add driver for games on SSV hardware: Twin Eagle 2, Vasara I and II, Change Air Blade, Dyna Gear, Survival Arts, Drift Out '94, Mobil Suit Gundam Final Shooting, Ultra-X-Weapons, Storm Blade and more [iq_132]
  • Added driver for FireTrap by WoodPlace [iq_132]
  • Added driver for games on Metro hardware: Blazing Tornado, Gun Master, Pang Poms, Sky Alert, Puzzli, Mouse Shooter GoGo/Bang Bang Ball/Battle Bubble, Bal Cube, Dharma Doujou [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Bogey Manor by Technos on modified Data East hardware [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Cloak and Dagger [iq_132 w/dink]
  • Added driver for B-Wings and Zaviga [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Sigma's Submarine [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Macross Plus [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Atari's Canyon Bomber [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Gaelco's World Rally [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Dream World, Cute Fighter, Baryon Future Assault, Rolling Crush, Gaia on SemiCom DreamWorld Hardware [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Puzzle Bobble 2, 3 & 4, Gunlock/Rayforce, Bubble Bobble 2 & 3, Gekirindan, Grid Seeker, Twin Cobra II, Recalhorn, Land Maker and a whole bunch more on Taito F3 hardware [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Shadow Land, Dragon Spirit, Pac-Mania, Galaga '88, Splatter House and others on Namco System 1 Hardware [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Fantasy Land, Galaxy Gunner and Wheels Runner [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Susume! / Go Go! Mile Smile and Gyakuten! Puzzle Bancho on Fuuki 16-bit Hardware [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Karate Champ by Data East [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Shot Rider, Zippy Race / Traverse USA [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Konami's Hyper Sports and Road Fighter [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Konami's Juno First [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Battle Cross and DodgeMan [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Shoot Out by Data East [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Acrobatic Dog Fight [iq_132, dink]
  • Added driver for Tetris, Hang-On Jr. and Transformer on Sega System E hardware [vbt]
  • Added drivers for Big Striker bootlegs [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Kusayakyuu (Baseball) [iq_132]
  • Added driver for Paddle Mania and The Next Space on Alpha 68k I hardware [iq_132]
New additions to existing drivers
  • Added Mini Planets (REV02) to the Megadrive driver [dink]
  • Added Miss World 2002 [NeoGeo de Ahuizotla, Artemio Urbina, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added Eeekk!! on pacman hardware [iq_132]
  • Added Sky Robo and Tatakae! Big Fighter to the armedf driver.  Thanks to CapsOff for dumping the impossible protection MCU! [dink]
  • Added Hangzo! to the DataEast Rohga driver [iq_132]
  • Added Gals Panic S2 (Europe), now its the parent [rtw, JacKc]
  • Added Samurai Shodown II (Spacial 2017) [GSC2007, JacKc, iq_132]
  • Finished emulation of early Seta games: Caliber 50, ThunderCade, Twin Eagle, DownTown, Meta Fox and Arbalester [dink]
  • Added Ken Sei Mogura: Street Fighter II (Japan 940418, Ver 1.00) [Barry]
Clones and updated romsets in existing drivers
  • Update kof98cb to 20170108 version [JacKc]
  • Replaced Mutant Night (mnight) with World version, Kawakus license now mnightj [JacKc]
  • Added clone of Burning Fight (prototype, ver 23.3, 910326) [Collin Foust, JacKc]
  • Added clone of WWF WrestleFest (World) [Hammy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Mustache Boy (Italy) [ShouTime, JacKc]
  • Added clone of ORIENTAL SOFT 1945k III OPCX1 2000 Version (Korea) [ShouTime, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Forgotten Worlds (USA, B-Board 88618B-2, Rev. E) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Vendetta (World, 2 Players, ver. ?) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Sol Divide - The Sword Of Darkness (Korea) [Nomax, The Dumping Union, JacKc, dink]
  • Added clone of Raiden (Korea, bootleg) [Tirino73, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Real Bout Fatal Fury / Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Korean release) [Brian Hargrove, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Flicky (128k Version, 315-5051, larger roms) [system11, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Momoko 120% (English text) [Paul Hogger, JacKc]
  • Added clone of The NewZealand Story (World, old version) (older PCB) [Porchy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Dynamite Duke (Japan, 25JUL89) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Fighting Fantasy (Japan revision ?) [Hammy, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of King of the Monsters 2 - The Next Thing (older) [NeoSD, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Three Wonders (3wondersha) [Barry]
  • Added clone of The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (Korean release) [Brian Hargrove, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Deroon DeroDero (alt set) [arcademodbios, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Puzznic (US) [Coolmod, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Head Panic (ver. 0702, 02/07/1999) [hammy, Brian Troha, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Red Hawk (Greece) [Abelardator2, JacKc, iq_132]
  • Added clone of Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Japan 960223) [ShouTime, Steven Fairbrother, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Raiden II (Germany) [Caius, JacKc]
  • Update Samurai Shodown II Special to v1.0.0311 [GSC2007, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (World 910129) [Janniz, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Radical Radial (Japan) [ShouTime, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Flashgal (set 1, Kyugo logo) [Corrado Tomaselli, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Martial Masters / Xing Yi (V103, 102, 102, China) [kuze, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Rastan (World, Earlier code base) [System11, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Street Fighter II - The World Warrior (911210 Japan, rev L)  [Bonky0013, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Sonic Blast Man (US) [coolmod, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (UPL bootleg) [Shoutime, The Dumping Union, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Prehistoric Isle in 1930 (World, bootleg) [The Iron Goat, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Knights of Valour - Sangoku Senki (V100, Hong Kong) [Pasky Junk, JacKc]
  • Added clone of Sangokushi II: Sheng Jian Sanguo (Chinese bootleg set 4, 921005 Asia) [Unknown, Barry]
  • Sync. PGM romsets with MAME 0.184 [JacKc]
  • Added clone of Bionic Commandos (bootleg, set 2) [The Dumping Union, JacKc]


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